pretty boy

by Dying Siren

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Look Ma, I did it.


released February 2, 2017

Thanks to Zach and Heather, and everyone at Our Lady of Perpetual Hope for giving me the courage to do this, and also for playing my shit in your sick-ass garage.

And of course, thank YOU for taking the time to listen to my music. <3



all rights reserved


Dying Siren New York

Trying to get by.

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Track Name: lighthouse
I’m nothing like you’ve ever seen
I’m man, I’m God, I’m in between
I’m a desert storm, I’m clouds of rain
I’m paradise, I’m a hurricane

I’ll never break, I’ll never bleed
Satisfaction guaranteed
I’m cold as ice, I’m strong as bone,
I’m a fucking mess, so take me home

I have nothing to lose
A choice I could not choose
Picking up my

Wildflowers, kissing graves
Flighty, careless, unafraid
Fire heart, electric mind
Leave your worries far behind

I think tonight I’ll just stay home
I’m prettier when I’m alone
I’m not your favorite lipstick stain
I’m paradise, I’m a hurricane

You loved me all night long
But boy, you did me wrong
By morning you were gone

Nothing you could ever do
Would ever make me crawl back to you
You’re someone’s sister’s married name
But I’m paradise, I’m a hurricane (x5)

Hey, hey
I’m a hurricane
Hey, hey,
I'm a hurricane
Track Name: 21st century love
I wish that I could say that everything is fine
But sadly, we are living in some volatile times

I don’t know what is right, and I don’t know where you are
But I do know that I’m happy in the backseat of your car

They say that love is dead, they say that I’m a fool
But I don’t think they get it, just because they’re not in love with you

I’ll keep holding your hand, no matter what they say
'Cause my love is like a gun, and he can’t take those away

You are the only thing
That keeps my head above
You're my twenty-first century love

I turned on my tv, and turned it to the news
And I thought that there was nothing else out there for me to lose

You said we’d be alright, you said our love meant more
Than the slamming of your mom and dad’s cherrywood front door

You were my beginning, my middle and my end
But most importantly, you were always my very closest friend

So it’s time for revolution, it’s time to save the day
'Cause your heart is like a gun, and he can’t take those away

You are the only thing
That keeps my head above
You're my twenty-first century love

Oh, oh, oh, oh (x2)

So sing unto the heavens, sing to kingdom come
Let's take up arm and do some harm, because our fight has just begun

The angels are all dead, and God has gone to sleep
So let’s be strong, come sing along, cause we’re in way too fucking deep

My girl is like a fire, she burns as bright as day
And i’ll never be afraid, ‘cause you can’t take her away

She is the only thing
That keeps my head above
'Cause she's my twenty-first century love

Oh, oh, oh, oh (x2)
Track Name: pretty boy
Green eyes, pretty and patient, watch the world go by
Baby, you’re just another flower waiting around to die

Nothing like they said you’d be, now soldier, stand up tall
Feeling like you’re just a shadow, if you feel at all

Oh, you know it’s true
Ain’t no other boy like you
You’re just so pretty

Mama up and left you sitting in the street
Feel your hands, hot and tired; feel the glass beneath your feet

Daddy said he’d come on home but he hasn’t been back since
Dirty mind, he’s not your father, and you can’t be convinced

Oh, you know it’s true
Ain’t no other boy like you
You’re just so pretty

Brother’s goin’ on to doin’ better things
Sister’s gone and fallen in love with the way her boyfriend sings

Callused hands, find your passion and wipe away your tears
You have a chance to find your peace but you won’t find it here

Oh, you know it’s true
Ain’t no other boy like you
You’re just so pretty

The pretty girl you left behind is calling out to God
The pretty boy you thought you were has fallen far too hard

So drink away your demons and find something to do
‘Cause the world will never have love for a pretty boy like you

Oh, you know
You know it’s true
You’ll always be my pretty boy
Track Name: monster
It might seem like magic
Like the surface of the sea
But deep beneath the water
I know a monster waits for me

I’ve sailed far
And I’ve never strayed before
But now I’m lost forever
And I’m knockin’ at Satan’s door

You ought to never love like me
He isn’t always what he seems

He’s a monster
And he’ll drag you down below
He’s a monster
Once he catches you he won’t let go

He’s got a thousand faces
Telling you the same old lies
He’s a serpent in the garden
He’s the Devil in disguise

You may not heed my warning
You might not like what I say
But believe me when I tell you, baby
You are gonna pay

This is your last and only chance
This ain’t no bad romance

He’s a monster
And he’ll drag you down below
He’s a monster
Once he catches you he won’t let go

He’s a monster
And he’ll drag you far beneath
He’s a monster
Got a hundred rows of pointy teeth

Oooh, hear him howling at your door
Oooh, he’ll be coming back for more
He’s a monster
He's a monster
Track Name: running car
I never tell the truth
I live for telling lies
To cross my fingers behind my back and leave you asking why
I know that I
Need just a little bit of time to get my thoughts straight
I’ll never be you, you’ll never be me, but doesn’t mean we aren’t soul mates

I know you’re broken up
You’re a shipwreck in the sea
And I want you to know I think that this is all because of me
So baby please
Tell me how feel and maybe you can be
The running car at the starting line, I’ll be your gasoline

Oh, I’ll go down with you (x2)

I wish my leg was broken
I wish my wrist was sprained
If it meant they'd bring me morphine just to take away my pain
You’re in my brain
And seeing you is driving me insane
‘Cause I don’t know if you’ll ever be real and come home to me again

You’re just a little whisper
A phantom of yourself
A secret on your mother’s lips she never dares to tell
You meant so well
But now your comfy bedroom is your prison cell
A summer breeze is a microwave and Heaven is your Hell

Oh, I’ll go down with you (x2)

Now I’m calling out your name
And I miss you like no other
But to me it’s just the lyrics of a twenty-øne pilots cover
Oh brother
I think my fucking head is in the gutter
When you read me out your letters that you wrote to please another

I said, "tell me that you’re lying,
You’re not saying what you mean."
And I’ll tell you that it’s all alright, we’re still the way we’ve always been
To me
You’re not another criminal at the scene
You’re the running car at the starting line and I’m your gasoline

I’ll be your gasoline
By God, I'll be your gasoline
I'll be your gasoline

I had another thought
I know it’s just a dream
But maybe things can all work out and be the way we thought they’d be
To me
You’re not just another pebble in the stream
You’re the running car at the starting line and I’m your gasoline
Track Name: indie music star/ode to good dog
There’s something to be said
For the folks out there that try too hard
But I’m not the kind of person that would bleed for art

Try to write an album but the songs all sound the same
Just whining ‘bout my problems, hoping they will bring me fame

I’ll wear my leather jacket and a Better Bargains coat
And I’ll sound like Joni Mitchell with a bad sore throat

I’ll talk out of my ass while you throw me twenty bucks
Got nothing left to say and so now I’ll sing it loud
I think I’m fucked

Yes I do, I think I’m fucked

I lie and cheat and steal
And hope that it will pay my bills
I don’t get high to medicate, I do it for the thrill

I find that I repeat myself a hundred thousand times
I write the same four chords under the same pretentious rhymes

Please be gentle with me, ‘cause I like to cry too much
You don’t even have to say it ‘cause you scream it with your eyes
You think I’m fucked

Yes, you do, you think I’m fucked

I really hate this city and how life just isn’t fair
But most of all I hate that I’m not going anywhere

I’ll make out with a stranger for a punchline of a joke
I’ll cry for shits and giggles and I’ll break down when I’m broke

I hope I wake up finding all my demons gone away
But life’s a fucking nightmare for me every single day
I think I’m fucked

Honestly, I think I’m fucked

I can’t find any poetry in this nihilistic shit
Some people think it’s beautiful and some think I should quit

Now I’m all out of money, I can’t even start my car
But what do you expect from an indie music star?