running car

from by Dying Siren

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I never tell the truth
I live for telling lies
To cross my fingers behind my back and leave you asking why
I know that I
Need just a little bit of time to get my thoughts straight
I’ll never be you, you’ll never be me, but doesn’t mean we aren’t soul mates

I know you’re broken up
You’re a shipwreck in the sea
And I want you to know I think that this is all because of me
So baby please
Tell me how feel and maybe you can be
The running car at the starting line, I’ll be your gasoline

Oh, I’ll go down with you (x2)

I wish my leg was broken
I wish my wrist was sprained
If it meant they'd bring me morphine just to take away my pain
You’re in my brain
And seeing you is driving me insane
‘Cause I don’t know if you’ll ever be real and come home to me again

You’re just a little whisper
A phantom of yourself
A secret on your mother’s lips she never dares to tell
You meant so well
But now your comfy bedroom is your prison cell
A summer breeze is a microwave and Heaven is your Hell

Oh, I’ll go down with you (x2)

Now I’m calling out your name
And I miss you like no other
But to me it’s just the lyrics of a twenty-øne pilots cover
Oh brother
I think my fucking head is in the gutter
When you read me out your letters that you wrote to please another

I said, "tell me that you’re lying,
You’re not saying what you mean."
And I’ll tell you that it’s all alright, we’re still the way we’ve always been
To me
You’re not another criminal at the scene
You’re the running car at the starting line and I’m your gasoline

I’ll be your gasoline
By God, I'll be your gasoline
I'll be your gasoline

I had another thought
I know it’s just a dream
But maybe things can all work out and be the way we thought they’d be
To me
You’re not just another pebble in the stream
You’re the running car at the starting line and I’m your gasoline


from pretty boy, released February 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Dying Siren New York

Trying to get by.

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