indie music star​/​ode to good dog

from by Dying Siren

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There’s something to be said
For the folks out there that try too hard
But I’m not the kind of person that would bleed for art

Try to write an album but the songs all sound the same
Just whining ‘bout my problems, hoping they will bring me fame

I’ll wear my leather jacket and a Better Bargains coat
And I’ll sound like Joni Mitchell with a bad sore throat

I’ll talk out of my ass while you throw me twenty bucks
Got nothing left to say and so now I’ll sing it loud
I think I’m fucked

Yes I do, I think I’m fucked

I lie and cheat and steal
And hope that it will pay my bills
I don’t get high to medicate, I do it for the thrill

I find that I repeat myself a hundred thousand times
I write the same four chords under the same pretentious rhymes

Please be gentle with me, ‘cause I like to cry too much
You don’t even have to say it ‘cause you scream it with your eyes
You think I’m fucked

Yes, you do, you think I’m fucked

I really hate this city and how life just isn’t fair
But most of all I hate that I’m not going anywhere

I’ll make out with a stranger for a punchline of a joke
I’ll cry for shits and giggles and I’ll break down when I’m broke

I hope I wake up finding all my demons gone away
But life’s a fucking nightmare for me every single day
I think I’m fucked

Honestly, I think I’m fucked

I can’t find any poetry in this nihilistic shit
Some people think it’s beautiful and some think I should quit

Now I’m all out of money, I can’t even start my car
But what do you expect from an indie music star?


from pretty boy, released February 2, 2017
Good Dog. ily<3



all rights reserved


Dying Siren New York

Trying to get by.

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